A grateful heart still need a regular Gratitude Adjustment

November brings a fantastic opportunity to grow with free coaching from Tiffany Peterson. Each November, Tiffany offers this weekly gratitude adjustment call to help others grow in their gratitude. I can’t recommend this opportunity more wholeheartedly. If you want more from life, start with developing your sense of gratitude for what you have already. Having a grateful heart is the foundation of joy and happiness. The good news (and maybe the bad news, depending on your perspective) is that gratitude is a skill that needs practice. You’re never done with this.

Who needs this? In a word: everyone. Do you regularly express gratitude? If not, you definitely need a gratitude adjustment. If you do, how do you regularly express your gratitude? Putting your gratitude into words, whether spoken or written, and actions supports the positive and beneficial feelings associated with a grateful heart. Do you know what pairs naturally with gratitude and represents gratitude in action? Generosity. How is your generosity level these days? Do you want to be a generous person? Has generosity ever felt difficult? If you need help with generosity, you could use this gratitude adjustment. If you have a gratitude practice already and feel the richness and success it adds to your life, I don’t need to convince you to participate in this group outpouring of gratitude and generosity. You’re ready to jump in.

Tiffany is a sales coach, teaching how to show up authentically from a place of service. If you are in a sales field (really, who isn’t in some respect?) and hate to feel “salesy” but need to close, you need to get to know Tiffany. So how do gratitude and generosity fit with sales? Simply stated, they are foundational principles influencing your love of life and what you do each day, and inspire love from those you want to serve. Show up with gratitude and generosity to love your life and have others love you. Tiffany is a fantastic gratitude coach and begins her free Gratitude Series this year on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. Will you join me?