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I finished #Swell by @captainlizclark this week and I so love and identify with her sailing dreams and journey of personal transformation. If you’re a surfer, a sailor, a self-improver, or a dreamer, you’ll love it. Liz doesn’t hold back… Continue Reading →

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Edit Your Life: Refine and Streamline Quick Guide

Choosing the Trees in Your Life Let’s talk about details. Let’s talk about the day-to-day tasks and the things that fill the minutes of your waking life. Let’s talk about everything that makes your life full. Life happens in the… Continue Reading →

Make up Stories

#makeupstories #makeupshit #makeitup #lifedependsonit #lidiayuknavitch #chronologyofwater #quoteable #quotesaboutlife

“What Do You Do?” vs “Who Are You?”

“Nice to meet you. What do you do?” This weekend I attended my first non-corporate conference. The prevailing introductory question was, “What do you do?” I’ve never felt like my job paints an adequate picture of me, so I have always… Continue Reading →

Free Education from Brilliant, Successful, Famous People

Is that a click bait title? I’m new at this, but “Free Education from Brilliant, Successful, Famous People” is exactly how you should describe the abundance of podcasts out there. Do you know about podcasts? I hope so. I hope… Continue Reading →

Making Your Dreams Come True, Step 1: Tell Everyone

When you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you MUST do is TELL EVERYONE. There are a few powerful factors at play here. (1) Whether you believe in magic, the power of the Universe, answered prayers, The… Continue Reading →

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