Podcasts equal free education. Take advantage and get listening!

Is that a click bait title? I’m new at this, but “Free Education from Brilliant, Successful, Famous People” is exactly how you should describe the abundance of podcasts out there. Do you know about podcasts? I hope so. I hope you have a list of favorite podcasts, and you’re already listening on your favorite podcast app. If so, skip to the Free Education Podcast: Rainmaker.fm heading.

Podcasts for Free Education

If not, let me get you started. Podcasts are audio recordings that anyone can make, are typically available to everyone for free, and usually released periodically as a series on the internet. If anything is released with regularity on the internet, there’s going to be a way to subscribe. Cue the podcast app. I use the free app TuneIn Radio, which you can find on Amazon or your app store (that’s an affiliate link, but it’s a free app, go get it!). Use the app to browse all kinds of content, not just podcasts, and save your favorites,. The new content shows up at the top of your feed.

Yes, anyone can make a podcast. There’s bound to be boring, useless, weird content out there, but use your name recognition, and mine your social network for recommendations. That is, post to ask “What podcasts do you like to recommend?” Then watch a list pile up. You’ll end up with so much free education every week you won’t know what to do with yourself. Pro tip: Just start listening!

You can find plenty of entertainment, but I primarily use my podcast time (shower, car) for a bit of news and then a ton of self-improvement and education and you can too. Get your app, and then we’ll get started with the next recommendation.

Free Education Podcast: Rainmaker.fm

This week, I met a wonderful woman who had so much good advice for me. When she heard about the topic of this blog, helping people to be free and live their best lives, she took me aside and started listing off people who will be helpful to me, and you! The first person she suggested I start following was Brian Clark. This guy is so smart and he’s just good at everything he does, but he absolutely gets that people just want to enjoy their lives and the standard mold doesn’t always work.

Brian Clark offers so much free, helpful, actionable content to get started on building online business, particularly for creatives, over on copyblogger.com. His podcast “Rainmaker.fm,” however, ranges more widely in content. You can find it online and register and subscribe by RSS, too, but it’s a lot harder to listen to a podcast on your laptop in the car. Just saying. In particular, check out the series called “Unemployable.” These are interviews with people who don’t fit the typical work in a corporate office mold and have really made a success of doing their own thing. Even if you work in an office and love it, you will likely develop some kind of side hustle or hobby job at some point. It’s the new world order. Head over to get tips for when the opportunity comes up.

“Unemployable” Interview with Ryan Holiday

Make “The Stoic Entrepreneur with Ryan Holiday” the next podcast you listen to. Brian Clark interviews Ryan Holiday about his book The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph. In the book, Ryan takes principles of Stoicism (enduring wisdom, taking you back to the ancient Greeks) and applies them as a lens for growing as an entrepreneur. In the interview, Brian and Ryan talk about two points that I think will be helpful to everyone.

  1. Perspective determines perception. Meaning, if you see something as negative, a wrong, bad–it will be. It’s not about being a Pollyanna, but finding the good in a situation and turning it to advantage.
  2. Success through iteration. You may have a huge dream, I know I do! You can succeed in your dream step by step. There may be several progressive versions of success on the path to your overall vision. So realistic, and such good advice for enjoying your LIFE and not just your big milestones.

So, what podcasts full of free education do you like to recommend?