Everyday many of us face the challenges of frustration, hopelessness, anger, and fear. We all created this atmostphere. But that pain and dysfunction are not inevitable or irreversible. After all, humanity is simultaneously destructive and a mass of boundless creativity and ingenuity.

Our world is on the verge of positive cultural growth. Do you feel it, too? The intuition, courage, and freedom required to bring real solutions from merely good ideas needs fostering. We lack an accessible system that consistently exploits our human potential for good. Thus, we often see people and corporations in a proverbial race to the bottom. The ideas for making any given situation better for everyone are there. We simply lack the trust and opportunity to implement those ideas. In a world of entrenched tradition, comfortable routine, and conventional paths that often come at the expense of others, breaking away to make something new and amazing takes extraordinary courage and strength. I want to change that. I want to support a culture of easy, obvious, and comfortable positive change. But how?

Let’s create a culture of compassionate curiosity, service-oriented innovation, and enthusiastic support. Let’s live a life that demonstrates that there’s no bad time to take steps to turn your good ideas into reality. And let’s use that as a platform to support others with passion and purpose in achieving their goals. Of course this will evolve as we try things on; that’s what life is about!

Mission Statement

  1. My family is learning to sail and will eventually move aboard a sailboat, demonstrating our fundamental message that if you decide to do the work, you can achieve the goal;
  2. Through blogging, social media, and personal connection, we will build a following that is passionate about living your dreams, creating solutions, and loving others with all our hearts; and
  3. We will spread the message of others trying to create new, unconventional, loving, and amazing ways to be in this world, and leverage our following to support them. I envision the comments section becoming a group brainstorm on the necessary tools and introductions that will turn good ideas into real projects and solutions that support dreams and make our world a better place.

Photo - Dandelion Wishes

How will this shape up? That remains to be seen. This will be the story of how our family lives — conventionally for now and a bit unconventionally soon enough — as well as a showcase of others doing the same thing in service of the world.

Comment with your dreams of service. Are there big or small ways you wish you could change the world? Let’s work together to shape ideas into real possibilities.