With Gratitude Inspiration. Thanks for working with me Inspiration

Dear Inspiration,

Thank you for bringing me the Sailing Project, as I call this pursuit in my journal. I believe the sailing life will be my path to “a charmed, interesting, passionate existence” as Elizabeth Gilbert describes in Big Magic. As we begin to work together, Inspiration, you should know why I’m committed to this project.

  • I crave the the slow, connected life of traveling and exploring by boat, while simultaneously speeding through a bucket list life. “…for it is in the cruising that you get to immerse yourself in the significant array of possibilities presented before you. You learn more than nuance, and gain much more than knowledge.” I don’t know John Curnow, but this cruiser distills my expectations well. I know what we’ll give up, as well, and it seems a good trade. I’m not immune to our cultural screen addiction, and I look forward to the forced withdrawal. That’s a withdrawal I can relax into, a withdrawal that surely is a curious antidote to the rising anxiety of our culture.
  • I have the utmost faith that the sailing life is the best way to build the family bonds I envision and to launch my girls into their own fantastic lives. In a small space, with few distractions, you must communicate, collaborate, and resolve conflict. These are the skills of a close and loving family. We will figure this out together.
  • I want my girls to interact with others from a place of genuine support and friendliness. I want them to assume that they will find those characteristics in others, as most people rise (or fall) to your expectations of them. The supportive and friendly sailing community will solidify these character traits in my girls, as their foundation of experience. I also want to contribute to the sailing community and the world through the support and friendship I steadfastly bring to my relationships.
  • I know my husband will thrive on the hard work and challenges of living aboard a boat, necessarily accompanied by the exercise of self-reliance and ingenuity. He’s mechanically inclined and both gratified by and proud of his efforts in this sphere. I will join him in modeling these traits for our daughters and any other children whose lives we may touch. Children need these skills, after all, to confidently choose their own paths in life.

And so, in gratitude, Inspiration, I commit absolutely to making this dream come true.



P.S. I wrote this letter, at the suggestion of Tiffany Peterson, as I begin her Gratitude Series, this November 2017.