Dreamer to Doer Process

When you’re interested in something, make it your business to learn and grow in it. I’m learning more about sailing every chance I get and as part of that effort, I’m editing a sailing news site! It’s unique because it… Continue Reading →

Dream Creation: Guided Dream Exploration and Creation Activity

Don’t Have a Clear Dream? Uncertain about your dreams? Do dreams elude you altogether? Likely working so hard to stay above water, or achieving what you think others expect of you, or providing for dependents have separated you from your… Continue Reading →

Making Your Dreams Come True, Step 1: Tell Everyone

When you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you MUST do is TELL EVERYONE. There are a few powerful factors at play here. (1) Whether you believe in magic, the power of the Universe, answered prayers, The… Continue Reading →

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