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Accountability Check: Incremental Steps to Realizing Your Dreams

Do you ever lose yourself to a daydream, either imagining where a new opportunity might take you, or  considering how to arrive at some new reality? These are ways to dream about your future. The trick in either case is… Continue Reading →

Palmer and Yaella at swim lessons

What a lovely way to learn! Living a life so immersed in the world, seeing unfiltered beauty along with real challenges. What an inspiring way to raise up whole humans. Thank you for giving us all a peak! #Repost @sailing_eventide… Continue Reading →

How do you make your choices in life? Have you ever looked back and noticed the significant junctures that have created a dominant theme in your life or a dramatic shift in course? When I reflect on my life, I… Continue Reading →

Success without Restrictions–Why Limit Yourself?

This blog is all about living your dreams with as much actionable content as I can imagine to get you and me both to making it all happen. As I work on living, doing, working better, I come across a… Continue Reading →

How to Try on New Ideas

If I have one guiding principle in life (I have many, who am I kidding), it’s that life is about discovery. We have this one life, and it’s short or long depending on your perspective, but it is finite and… Continue Reading →

In Gratitude, Inspiration: A Thank You Note

Dear Inspiration, Thank you for bringing me the Sailing Project, as I call this pursuit in my journal. I believe the sailing life will be my path to “a charmed, interesting, passionate existence” as Elizabeth Gilbert describes in Big Magic. As… Continue Reading →

I find incredible inspiration in this family and their love so great that they choose a slow lifestyle. We’re creating a culture in which we define our love for our children by how many activities we cart them to, how… Continue Reading →

‘Tis the Season: Gratitude Adjustment

November brings a fantastic opportunity to grow with free coaching from Tiffany Peterson. Each November, Tiffany offers this weekly gratitude adjustment call to help others grow in their gratitude. I can’t recommend this opportunity more wholeheartedly. If you want more from… Continue Reading →

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