As you work toward long-term dreams, look for clues that you’re on the right track. This was one of those moments: South Pacific pins fill my Google Maps app. Who else, but someone planning a voyage across an ocean has… Continue Reading →

I can learn everything I need to know about a potential colleague with this single question. “What does the tooth fairy do with all the teeth?” I want to know if you’re willing to dive into your imagination. I want… Continue Reading →

We’re not doing much sailing these landlocked days, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be building our sailing knowledge for when the next opportunity comes! Right now I’m living a dream, but I still have dreams that live in the… Continue Reading →

Things Are Not Life: My Story of Minimalism

Philosophy of Less I have come a long way in my adult life, in terms of the things that occupy my space and time. I remember a time when I could pack up everything I owned and cart it around… Continue Reading →

A little foreshadowing… The starting location of our sailing journey has become clear. It isn’t what we expected. The photo above features an old chart of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It’s hanging above our dining table in Round… Continue Reading →

I finished #Swell by @captainlizclark this week and I so love and identify with her sailing dreams and journey of personal transformation. If you’re a surfer, a sailor, a self-improver, or a dreamer, you’ll love it. Liz doesn’t hold back… Continue Reading →

#Swell by @captainlizclark #VoyageofAwakening #valuetheprocess #deepappreciation #sacred

Day two of sailing in Florida and we couldn’t be happier. #thesailingproject #dreamsandgoals #asacertification #sailingschool #letsgosailing

Choosing happy memories every chance I get. I’m present in each moment as much as I can be to create those memories and choosing a path that I believe will fill my life and the lives of my loved ones… Continue Reading →

Study materials have arrived for our June course. Can’t wait! One week in a boat to learn ASA 101, 103, and 104. . . . . #americansailingassociation #sailingmadeeasy #bareboatcruising #coastalcruising #letsgosailing #moreofwhatyoulove #loveyourlifemore #thelifeofmylove

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