I’m the kind of person who calls ease, honesty, trust, and loving kindness the opportunities for happiness, excruciatingly pure feeling, and joy at the wonder of it all. I realize how ridiculous it sounds to say it out loud, but sometimes I get it right and that gives me certainty that this is the way.

Are you also the kind of person who seeks happiness? How committed are you to that pursuit? Happiness will look different to different people and some are more or less free to pursue it (freedom=privilege). This blog is a story of my pursuit and also an investigation of the what, why, and how of happiness.

Maybe happiness simply baffles you; it’s something you can see in others, something you want, but you don’t know where to start. Start by looking for the markers of the life of happiness within you. Do you have a vision for what you want our of life now or in the future? Does your vision of life fill you with joy, inspire you? Do you feel a dull ache when you ignore that vision? How’s your outlook? Optimistic, hopeful, committed to improving your world? What about success? Is it defined by your experiences, passions, and well-being? Are your best days filled with time with family, friends, and community? 

If any of these questions resonate, you might just be a dreamer and you’re in good company. The power to dream is a portal to happiness. I’ll show you a window into my dreaming and vision and everything that breathes life into the process of moving it from imagination to reality. Every post on this site invites you to dream and build your own beautiful version of a happy life.

What will you do with those dreams? What have you done in service of those dreams? I’m here to help you evaluate those questions and propel you toward their realization. Join me as I do the same and put into practice a model for making dreams come true.

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